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AUZTRALIA by Martin Wallace
Cthulhu from AuZtralia
AuZtralia is an adventure/exploration game for 1 - 4 players set in an alternate reality 1930s. The theme is inspired by Martin Wallace’s board game ‘A Study in Emerald’.

Build a port, construct railways, mine and farm for food. You’ll need to prepare for the awakening. You’ll need to fight. Everything you do in the game costs time, which is one of AuZtralia’s most valued resources.

At a point in time, the Old Ones will wake up and become an active player. They begin to reveal themselves and move, with potentially devastating outcomes.

You’ll need to prepare wisely for the awakening and co-operate with others to defeat the most dangerous Old ones. Military units will help you to locate, fight and defend against the nightmarish beings that may be lurking on your doorstep. As well as hardware, you’ll need to recruit some people who have the skills and resources to help you.

Will humanity prevail or will the Old Ones wreak their revenge? AuZtralia is on Kickstarter Now!

AuZtralia Board Game Box
AuZtralia Character Cards
On Kickstarter NOW! AuZtralia on Kickstarter Click here to back us on Kickstarter!
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